Public Relations Consulting

Communications & Public Relations Consultancy Serving Clients in Washington State.

Build Awareness & Visibility.

Communications & Public Relations Consultancy Serving Washington State.

Change Attitudes & Create Positive Perceptions.

Communications & Public Relations Consultancy Serving Washington State.

PR Plans - Meet Objectives & See Change.

Communications & Public Relations Consultancy Serving Washington State.

Defining the Problem

All businesses have communication and public relations issues – Identifying and solving the problem is what we do at Switch Up Consulting.

  • Crisis preparedness, knowing what can go wrong and planning for it
  • Awareness building, help others understand your brand and purpose
  • Dealing with poor perceptions and being pro-active about creating positive messaging 
  • Creating campaigns that offer measurable results that target your key publics 
  • Employee communications – ensure that employees are your greatest asset and advocates

Public relations and communications consulting is an important part of business development and can help to lay a successful foundation for an organization.


Ethical and professional public relations and communications planning and development

Solving the Problem

Switch Up Consulting offers communications and public relations consulting. Public relations (PR) campaigns, planning, research, implementation, and evaluation are services provided by PR Consultant, Jennifer Ferrero.



We work together to identify your communication or public relations problem, your goals, objectives and publics. A situational analysis is prepared and recommendations are made for obtaining key research.



A public relations plan is created to reach your targeted publics (stakeholders). The plan may include strategic messaging, results from surveys, and stages of development for publics.



During this stage, a communication strategy is developed, tactics and tools are aligned, and budget, staffing and timeline are implemented.



Understanding your metrics will determine campaign success.


Fun ways to get messages across

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR In today’s world of message over-saturation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why, depending upon the medium (i.e. Facebook/Twitter vs. print magazines or newspapers) it can make sense to condense your message down to... read more

The Tangible Side of PR

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR When people think of public relations, they often think of a relate-able busy-body type running around an event and whispering orders to event staff while juggling drinks and appetizers. Or, they think of a well-dressed person accepting two... read more

Seeing the big picture in your business

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR As business owners, we are usually good at making or creating a product or service. Often it’s a passion that drives our work. But, because running a business is a complicated endeavor, where we all wear many hats in the business,... read more

Getting Started with Public Relations

How do you know when you are ready to hire a PR professional? By Jennifer Ferrero, APR As a public relations consultant, my job comes before any marketing concepts of advertisements have been created. In working with you as a client, we focus on determine who we are... read more


Public Relations Services

• Surveys & polls

• Focus groups

• User testing

• Stakeholder interviews

• Marketing & creative briefs

• Audience identification

• Speech writing

• Script writing

Communications Services

• Strategic public relations plans

• Editorial planning

• Copywriting

• Marketing/communications assessments

• Writing and preparation of RFPs

• Media support with press packages

• Coordination of speaking engagements

• Outreach services

“Today’s communication and public relations requires honesty and the ability to be equally adept at crafting messaging with longevity for the organization as well as being responsive to public influences.”

– Jennifer Ferrero, Spokane Public Relations Consultant

Industries Served

Government agencies (state, municipality, county)

Workforce /Economic development organizations

Non-profit organizations

For-profit organizations

Educational organizations

Select small businesses

Manufacturing industry

Aerospace industry


“The team at Switch Up consistently demonstrated their capacity to transform complex and oftentimes intimidating data into visually appealing bits of information that was memorable, relevant and accessible for a broad range of audiences served by our organization.” Kyle West, Spokane Workforce Development Council
“You have exceeded our expectations and the plan looks amazing. Your customer service is truly outstanding.” Tua Vang, Spokane Tribe
“I’ve worked with Switch Up Web for many years – they’ve helped us brand ourselves so that we have instant recognition.” Mary Kaye Bredeson, Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing