Author Larry Larison for the book, “Build a Better Business”

Public Relations Project, Publicity

Larry Larison is a local businessman who wrote a book about his learnings from his career in running and selling a successful business, Columbia Paint and Coatings. He hired Switch Up Consulting, by way of his ad agency BHW1, to develop a publicity plan, and to publicize the book through regional media.

Research was done in the discovery process to determine what else had been published about this author, in the past. Additionally, research was conducted on regional book sales, and opportunities. A strategic plan was developed in order to support tactical efforts in a consistent fashion.

Implemented tactics for promotion included:

  • Development and submission of a press release
  • Coverage in the Spokane Journal of Business
  • Interview with Ryan McNeice on Business Talks Online, a podcast network
  • In process is a book signing, and community event appearances

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