Spokane Tribe Master Plan

Spokane Tribe Master Plan

Switch Up Web & Marketing recently completed a full redesign of the Spokane Tribe of Indians Sustainable Community Master Plan (SCMP). The SCMP is a resolution adopted by the Tribe to facilitate long-term planning to ensure the sustainability and viability of the community.

Switch Up began this project by meeting with members of the tribe and developing a Marketing and Creative Brief based on interviews and feedback. Our assessments established the target audience and desired reach of the project while taking into account existing materials and communications being used by the Tribe.

Two different style options were presented, one illustrated and one photographic. The Tribe provided photographs, which were categorized and curated by our team for use in the document. All existing maps and graphics from the previous SCMP document were assessed and edited to match the updated style.

The final document is 133 pages, wire-o bound on 100 lb recycled gloss paper.

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