O'Doherty's Pub & BBQ Newsletter and Table Tent

Newsletter and Table Tent Design for O’Doherty’s Pub & BBQ

This hometown restaurant has great atmosphere and a loyal group of customers. But expanding the customer base can be difficult in today’s market. There are many new restaurants in the area, and it’s competitive. Therefore, in working with the owners, we pitched the idea of building brand awareness first to loyal customers, followed by new patrons to the restaurant.

Big idea – Set up a Constant Contact account that can be used to communicate with patrons via a monthly newsletter.

How to do it – Set up table tents asking people to sign up for the newsletters by texting a number and name

Next – Determine editorial content for the newsletter and set expectations for how often it will be sent

Result – Build brand awareness, and entice people to come back more often for a meal. Share new information with patrons about the restaurant, specials, Irish history and jokes, and staff.


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