Prime Trade NW, on the ITEX Bartering Network

ITEX is the largest bartering network in the world. While bartering is the earliest form of trade in business, it is not commonly known that there is a viable bartering networking in use today. Prime Trade NW, is a local broker who was interested in building awareness about bartering and ITEX. They know the benefits of bartering for small businesses, because it helps to maintain capacity with bookings. With bartering, employees are never standing by idle while you pay them. Most businesses still operate an 80% cash business, with bartering being about 20%. The PR Plan for Prime Trade NW took a look at regional and membership demographics, as well as outreach and awareness-building activities. The biggest piece of the puzzle however, was to develop consistent branding and messaging for the brokerage so that they can be very clear with future members about what bartering is and how it works.

Arthur Shaw of Prime Trade NW appears on Spokane Talks Online with Ryan McNeice in February 2018 (Appearance set up by Jennifer Ferrero, APR of Switch Up Consulting).

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