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Email Marketing & Media Pitching for Tom Binder Fine Arts

Email Restructuring and Design, Email Communication Audit, Email Editorial Plan
Media Kit design and development
Media pitching to major national newspapers
Interview coordination for the client and artist

Tom Binder Fine Arts of Santa Monica, California works with the artist Alexander Chen to promote and sell his artwork. Tom approached me in late 2017 to work on a newsletter and other marketing projects. We decided to create a Media Kit that we could use to pitch major national newspapers (art departments) and art-related publications nationwide. We are still executing this campaign, but any published articles will be posted here!

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November newsletter: How to speak to an angry crowd

Greetings! You are asked to give a speech to a group where you have to take a position on a topic. Perhaps you know that not everyone in the group will be in agreement. There could be some hostility, or perhaps an emotional reaction from the audience. How do you work...

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October Newsletter: Your Public Persona

Public relations is a deep field - but one area where we can all relate is public persona. Some may call it personal branding, and as individuals, we can have our own public persona - that is, how people view us and our skills, capabilities, thoughts and actions. A...

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Recent Published Articles

View recent published articles for Jennifer Ferrero, APR, ACB, ALB in the aerospace, manufacturing and unmanned aircraft community in 2018.

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March Newsletter: Educating in a big part of selling!

View the March Newsletter which is about how education is important to selling services. This is a public relations function because when I work with clients we determine your goals, objectives and messaging for communication - which translates to your...

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January Newsletter – Top 3 Requested PR Services

Top PR Services Requested In my practice, I work for many types of industries and organizations. Both for profit, and nonprofit organizations have similarities in what they are seeking. In all cases, there is a PR solution. Here's more about the top 3 services that...

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